Not The Quarantine Outfit You Wanted, But Needed.

OK so we totally shot this little session before this whole stay at home progress started and before I even know about Joe Exotic and what Carol Baskin’s where really about. Who else has finished watching the show? If you haven’t even considered watching it, I completely understand why you would, it’s ridiculous in many, … More Not The Quarantine Outfit You Wanted, But Needed.

Shop Local

Hey y’all, Since we’re stuck at home and I am catching up with daily household things like putting away my winter clothes and sweaters. Sorting out things that don’t fit Ale anymore and probably won’t this winter. I am gonna miss all my coats that I didn’t get to wear this cold season! I always … More Shop Local

A Little Country

It’s been awhile I’ve but on some good boots on here. So this is kinda of a quick look, for those everyday, put in your boots, I wanna look cute kinda day. For Christmas Roey bought me these awesome cowgirl boots from Cavenders. I’m so into turquoise, I wanted some new boots. I did give … More A Little Country

Be Better.

I am not the type of person who is constantly going to the gym. I wish I was and I am promising my self to be better. Usually when it gets cold, I don’t want go out. I like working out in a hot gym, is that weird? Lol 😆. The cold is my kryptonite, … More Be Better.